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Call for Istrian objects

Dear Istrians,
The Ethnographic museum of Istria is one of two regional museums in Istria. We are preparing a new, permanent exhibition, and we want to include the experience of leaving Istria - the “story” of immigration - into our project.
So far, the important issue of Istrians living abroad hasn’t been interpreted in museums. We think that the unknown information about Istrian immigration has to be shown in public so that all visitors (including students, numerous tourists, etc.) can learn something about it.
Therefore we need objects for the exhibition. We are looking for:
- photographs that illustrate you leaving Istria, days in the Camps in Italy, leaving for America, Canada and elsewhere, first years of life there, family feasts, photographs from your home which include Istrian mementos, etc.
- documents  that were regulating your life path from Istria to the new country (permissions for leaving/entering) the camps, passports, request for a working permit, etc.
- letters to home/from home in Istria
- objects that you might have taken from Istria as mementos and which have some symbolic meaning for you or objects of the certain meaning obtained in the new country (the first dress bought there, for example)
-information/documentation on Istrian clubs and activities
 In cases where you wouldn’t like to give objects/documents away “forever”, there are two possible solutions: either signing a contract with our museum for a 5-years loan or to make a good scan and to send us a CD with the scan and hopefully we will be able to reproduce it.
If you send us material, we would also be thankful to hear/read your story and learn about your immigrant experience, to be able to understand at least something of the context. Recording an audio- or videocassette with your story would be possible – if you prefer that over writing. And if you feel that there are things that shouldn’t be shown in public (such as the signature on the letter, or your life story) we promise not to use them in that way.

Why should you do all this?

- Because this is the first (and so far the only) opportunity to visually show the unique experience that you went through as a diaspora Istrian in an Istrian museum. 
-The second generation – your children – probably will not be able to reproduce it and this history will remain unknown and anonymous
We guarantee that the museum interpretation will strongly avoid any ideological approach or judgement. We are an ethnographic (anthropological) and not historical museum, therefore we interpret culture and people’s lives, not historical events as such.
You can contact us (in English, Italian, German languages, besides Croatian or Istrian dialect) or mail us directly the material to the:
Etnografski muzej Istre, Trg Istarskog razvoda 1, 52000 PAZIN, Croatia
tel/fax 00 385 52 622 220
tel/fax 00 385 52 624 351

We hope that you will use this as an opportunity to express your life experience as an Istrian immigrant through the museum that offers you its space and museological tools.
We would appreciate every contribution coming to us before April1ST, 2007..
Lidija Nikocevic