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Production of textiles, clothing and footwear, clothing and personal items

The collection contains extremely valuable items of folk handicrafts of the Istrian peninsula, primarily related to the culture of dressing. With its rich holdings of the traditional clothing of the Croatian population, it should be emphasized the individual valuable samples of traditional costumes from Peroj, as well as the traditional clothes of the Italian minority in Vodnjan. The collection also contains tools and supplies for treating textiles, such as rare and different types of well-preserved distaffs. Besides this, the collection consists of personal items: jewellery, accessories for smokers, ornaments and more. Collection of objects created during the period from the late 19th to the end of 20the century.


E 521
Woman dress
Length = 117 cm
Widtht = 35 cm (shoulders)

Women dress (Modrna na radost) from southern Istria is made of a brown cloth, belted at the waist. It was worn by the young girls and women.
  E 2797
length = 30 cm
width = 35 cm

Male footwear (opanci) -a traditional handmade shoes made of leather, tied up with leather straps.
E 817
Infant cap
Height =12 cm
Width =13 cm

Infant cap with ribbons which other than decoration, according to informant, served as a protection against evil eye.
  E 1969
Length = 86 cm
Width = 9 cm

Distaff carved on the front. It was used for spinning wool or hemp.
E 2186
Tobacco case
Length = 8 cm
Width = 4 cm

Tobbaco case, made out of horn.The lid is decorated with horn marquetry.