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Souvenirs, contemporary interpretation of traditional culture

The collection contains items made by village craftsmen inspired by the ethnography of Istria, unique handicrafts and objects of a serial production. Many serve as an educational tool because with their shape, material and function correspond to the original articles. It is outstanding the collection of works of popular artist Antun Božac, who through his works shows parts of the traditional life of Istria: figures of miners, plow-men, spinners, men in traditional clothes, domestic animals, etc.


E 3816
Wine pitcher
Height = 7 cm
Diameter = 6, 7 cm

Small white ceramic pitcher (bukaleta) with the inscription: "Thank God that I am Istrian"
  E 3464 - 2
Figure of cow and ox
dimension 1=33x17 cm
dimension2 =35x17,5 cm

Unique handmade souvenir made by a self-taught master Antun Božac. Composition: a cow and an ox harnessed.
E 4076
Height = 11 cm
Width = 12, 5 cm

Souvenir, a figure of goat made of glass. It is glued to stone.
  E 3625
Wall clock
Height = 37 cm
Width = 30 cm

Clock in the shape of Istria made of stone slabs, adorned with miniatures of agricultural tools and kažun (a small stone hut).
E 4195
Length = 71 cm
Width = 49, 5 cm

Dishcloth-souvenir-central motif is a map of Istria with names of the Istrian towns.