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Architecture and house furnishing

The collection "Architecture and house furnishing" consists of items related to house furnishing, movable architectural parts, furniture, house supplies and appliances, supplies for the cooking, textiles and home decorations, as well as exterior house and garden organization tools.
The collection contains over 1800 objects, some of which are part of a permanent exhibition. Objects that make up this collection were created or were used during the period from the late 19th until the end of the 20th century.


E 1479 – C
Height = 80 cm
Depth = 46 cm
Width = 35 cm

Nightstand is a part of a bedroom furniture which is kept in the museum and consists of a single-winged wardrobe and a double bed. It is made of wood and veneer.
  E 4840
Meat cutting machine
Width = 34,5 cm

The meat cutting machine consists of a wooden part made of a base and iron parts, the cutting machine itself, and a small vice with which the machine is attached to the table in order to avoid shifting during cutting. On the circular iron part stands a script: FRIPU WERKE.
E 2571
lenght=14 cm
width=5,5 cm

Wooden spoon, made from one pice of wood. It was made around the year 1935.
  E 90
height=23 cm
diameter=13 cm
bottom diameter=21 cm

The so called rakljanin pot. It was used for cooking meals on an open hearth. It is not glazed or decorated and it is black from the usage. It was made manually on a potter's table, approximately around the 1930's.
E 3873 - A
Length = 176 cm
Width = 44,6 cm

Flax curtains which on the bottom part have stitched a thick crocheted cotton thread lace. The owner, Marija Škropeta, made of them a small curtain which was used on the kitchen door. Place and time of their production: Kaldir, 1908-1911.