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The collection "Economy" is made up of items which were substantially used by the local population in everyday traditional economic activities. Thus we find the tools that were used, as well as items that were made out of wood and metal in carpentry and blacksmith workshops There are also numerous tools and other objects related to hunting, fishing, animal husbandry, beekeeping, agriculture, viticulture and olive growing. Moreover, the collection contains objects that relate to jobs in industry, such as mining, those that are generally related to the transportation, as well as items that witness more recent economic trends such as tourism.


E 1811
lenght of a snath = 135 cm
lenght of a blade = 80 cm

The scythe was used for cutting grass or grain. It consists of an iron blade and a wooden snath with two transverse grips.
  E 814
Press for grapes – Torkuja
Height = 135 cm
Diameter r= 70 cm

In the iron press for grapes there is a plate that descends by a vice, squeezing grapes and thus producing a grape must of which later the wine is made.
E 2476
Fish trap
Lenght = 107 cm
diameter hole = 40 cm
bottom diameter = 7 cm

It is a densely woven wicker fish trap that was used to fish. Longer part of the fish trap in which the fish are being caught has a narrow opening which is closed with a large wooden cap.
  E 3089

A leather saddle lined with wool and protected by a white cloth. Front and back of the saddle are elevated. It has leather stirrups.
E 4429
Helemet with a lamp

Mining helemet or klabuk, as it was called by miners themselves. It has a lamp at the top and was used in coal mines near Labin.